Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Roller Girl, by Victoria Jamieson

Twelve-year-old Astrid and her best friend Nicole have been inseparable since first grade.  They do everything together, including getting dragged to "cultural enlightenment" events by Astrid's mother.  But it turns out that the newest event is actually kind of fun- they get to watch Roller Derby!  Astrid learns that there is a youth Roller Derby camp over the Summer and is immediately sold on the idea.  Nicole, however, isn't so much.  While Astrid is making plans for the two of them, Nicole is instead enrolling in the camp she actually wants to attend.  Ballet camp (eww).  With Astrid's arch-nemesis, Rachel.

Suddenly Astrid is left on her own at camp with girls who are more experienced and tougher than she is.  She can barely stand up on her skates.  And she can't tell her mother how she feels; she assumes that Astrid is catching rides home with Nicole, and she'd never be permitted to attend the camp otherwise.

Astrid stinks at Roller Derby, but she keeps coming.  She makes a new friend, and seeks some help by slipping anonymous notes into the locker of her favorite skater, Rainbow Bite.  She is just barely able to keep things together. . . until she overhears Nicole and Rachel talking about her at the amusement park.  And then her mother finds out that Nicole isn't actually attending camp with Astrid after all.  Will Astrid be able to redeem the Summer?

What a fun graphic novel!  I breezed through it in one sitting.  Highly recommend!

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