Saturday, August 25, 2012

Penn, by Elizabeth Janet Gray

Yet another older book I wasn't quite looking forward to.  I was hoping that Sue, living in the land of Penn, would be able to find a copy of it locally, but alas, it fell to me!  And it completely surprised me.

I didn't know anything at all about William Penn but found myself caring for him quite a bit.  I appreciated how the author showed him to be a man trying his hardest to obey his conscience and live out his convictions, but never made him out to be a perfect man, or holier-than-thou.  It showed his transformation from a member of the Church of England to Quaker, and how he used his skills and advantages to protect the religious rights of his newfound compatriots.  I'll admit that many wouldn't care for the details of this, but it was of interest to me.

The book also covers Penn's tense relationship with his father, how he won his wife, and how he acquired the land of Pennsylvania and forged peaceful relationships with its inhabitants.  It additionally covers his time in prison and the books that he published.  I really learned a lot!

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