Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tales from Silver Lands, by Charles J. Finger

Unlike Shen of the Sea, this book is a collection of actual tales that the author learned from various people (and peoples) during his travels through South America. What makes them seem much more plausible is the fact that birds and flowers and animals come in such unusual shapes and bright colors- fantastic tales of such things seem a bit more believable in that context. Additionally, the unbelievable dangers of the Amazon make it a bit easier to believe in horrendous giants and beasts concealed among the trees.

Finger presents a very rich landscape: rivers and streams, grassy flowered meadows, high cold mountains, dense forests, places of pleasant temperatures and places of bitter cold. Witches and enchantments are a common theme, much like in the Grimm's tales.

This book was a very fun read overall. I found it a bit long, but that's probably only partly true in reality- I've just been very busy lately, which explains why it took me so long!

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